Never Let Me Go

“Didn’t we all dream from time to time about one guardian or
other bending the rules and doing something special for us? A spontaneous hug,
a secret letter, a gift?”

Kathy is the narrator who tells the story in her point of view and is a carer. Kathy is responsible for assisting the clone organ donors, as they recover from their operations.  Kathy states how clones are similar to humans because they seek to have a parent relationship along with affection. The rules at Halisham does not allow any type of human relations. There is a lack of affection within the students and we see how rebellion occurs in regards to human intimacy. Kathy at times seems emotionless, she does
not describe or demonstrates her feelings much. Her relationship with Tommy is
somewhat strange, since there is no sense of romance.

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Throughout Contagion, we see different types of technology.
The movie explores the process in of creating a vaccine for an unknown virus.  Camcorders are used to figure out who was affected worldwide. Dr. Orantes watches casino surveillance videos and comes to conclusion that the virus started in Hong Kong.
(47:40-49:03). I think it is remarkable the advance technology that we
have today.  Dr. Orantes was able to watch surveillance videos from different countries to see who was infected and how it all began. The internet and television played a role as well, to inform the public. We constantly see community members use technology such as the internet and television to keep them informed.

This movie reminded me a lot about the last Swine Flu we experienced. It also made me think about how it is possible that with the technology that we have today, that there is no vaccine or cure of AIDS or HIV.  How was it possible for scientist to come up
with the Swine Flu vaccine within months of the outbreak, but HIV and AIDs has
been around for decades, and we have not even came close to a cure.

Some believe this AIDS was man-made. Others believe that the cure is being hidden in order to control the population. Here a clip about how the US military worked with Robert Gallo, the US scientist who is accredited with discovering AIDS to develop a disease, which could be used as a biological weapon:

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White Noise

“What if death is nothing but sound?”
“Electrical noise.”
“You hear it forever. Sound all around. How awful.”
“Uniform, white.”

In chapter, twenty-six Jack Gladney and Babette are having the only discussion throughout the novel  regarding how noise equals death. During the course of the story, Jack acknowledges the noise around him that has integrated in his very own personal character. His fear of death increases as he hears the sound everywhere that he present. Many of Jack’s decisions are made from his fear of death such as his professional studies at the College on the Hill and the cause of his failed relationships of marriage. Even though he is afraid of this noise, he already is in the present sense of death. He is truly obsessed
with his own death, which is increased later due to his exposure to substance of
toxic. Jack’s son Heinrich is very different from him. Heinrich is always around
deathly aspects. He plays chess with a murderer and his friend trains to sit
with dangerous snakes in a cage.

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The Road

“I don’t just want to survive, don’t you get it, I
don’t want to”.

The mother of the boy does not want to survive just to survive, meaning she does not just want to live for the hope that each day that she would survive. The mother does not want to survive for the means of only surviving, so she leaves her family.  She does not want to struggle for survival, because that is all that it is, survival. In her eyes, it seems as if there is no pleasure of life if there is a struggle for it. What is the point of living if there is no joy to life; there are no pleasures, no enjoyment, only a struggle to live? I constantly asked
myself one question while watching this film: Why the father and son are attempting to stay alive, for what reason? Are they staying alive, just to stay alive?  There is a
sense of false hope at the end, when the woman takes in the boy in as his own
and reassures him that he will no longer have to worry about a thing. The boy does
not seem to be happy about it or even excited he simply responds in one word:

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On The Beach

One the Beach takes place in the 1960s, while the world is waiting for its death. The characters in this novel are awaiting their last minutes of their lives. They are spending their last 6 months waiting for the world to end. Atomic bombs in the Northern Hemisphere are destroying the world tremendously; they are causing the spread of radiation among numerous parts from the Northern Hemisphere and later on to the Southern Hemisphere. Dwight Tower is the captain of the United States submarine, who sends the submarine on two missions. One of the missions was in the northern coast of Austria and the other to the western coast of the United States. As Dwight Towers is returning from his first cruise in Australia, he says: Maybe we’ve been too silly to deserve a world like this”, to John Osborne who is aboard with him.
Before he states this phrase, he ponders about trees, which he had seen
through the periscope. Towers has a deep thought regarding how these trees will
never be seen again by any living person. In a way this character indicts that society
is responsible as a whole for what is occurring, they themselves are at fault.  Later, we see how Peter Holmes has a similar ideology; he feels that all this destruction could have been prevented. Peter Holmes has a discussion with Mary about how he strongly feels that it is the responsibility for journalist to promote the truth about the dangerous and
hazards of a nuclear war, through educating them regarding it. He believes that
if the world as a whole was educated about the effects of a nuclear war that, this
nuclear war was could have been prevented.  These characters as well as others have a great amount of regret as well as sadness, as they attempt to experience the simple pleasure of life during their last moments.

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The Thirteenth Floor opens up by Fuller writing a letter where he says: “For the first time in my life I agree. I wished I had never encountered horrid truth… Once they find out they will silence me”.

The film explores what is real and how does an individual know if he/she is in a reality or not.  This is a perfect example of how science fiction demonstrates how technology has the power to penetrate and alter human minds and bodies, while getting away from the true reality.  How do we know that we are real, not some kind of stimulation, Douglas Hall was not aware, and maybe we are not either? The Thirteenth floor is a mind teaser that really makes us question what reality is.  I wonder if we will ever have stimulated worlds, but I hope it never comes to that. Knowing how advance technology has become, we never know what the future may hold for us. It is frightening to think that one day we might have similar technology as shown in the film. Just imagine a user going into your body through a program link and being able to control you, without you even knowing.

It was very thought provoking for me when Douglas Halls says:  “Nothing is real unless you pulled the plug, nothing I ever do will ever matter unless you are my user”.  Halls was nothing but a stimulation, his user controlled all his actions, thoughts, and he was nothing without his user. Just imagine learning that you are a stimulation and that you were never real and controlled by someone else. Nothing you ever did would count because it was not
your actions but someone else’s.

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Ubik was an interesting text, which I was able to connect to Sleep Dealers. Watching Sleep Dealers prior helped me enjoy the novel by comparing and contrasting the two. I was also able to imagine some of the events of the novel.  The main character from Sleep Dealer could connect with his family from his native land through a screen, and he who send money virtually. He was also able work in a different location without his body being present through his energy. In Ubik, Runciter was able to consult his dead wife for business matters, who was a half-life.

““Burial is barbaric,” Herbert muttered aloud. “Remnant of the primitive origins of our culture.”

Something so today and for the past thousands of years, was seen as barbaric in the novel. I looked up the word remnant to get a better understanding of what Herbert was referring to:


a usually small part, member, or trace remaining

a small surviving group —often used in plural

Herbert was trying to say that burials are not often used in their culture, since the dead are turned into half-lifers, so that their families could still communicate with them. These half lifers expire, they use some form of energy like in the Sleep Dealers. Runciter’s wife
has a transparent casket “encased with an icy mist”. She seems like her body is
dead and she is present through technology. Her husband knew “that to activate her constitute a sin against her” (9), but he did it anyway because on her will that is what she wished for, she wanted to be involved in business matters instead of resting in
peace after her death. Gravity is what seems to keep her somewhat alive and is
able to communicate with her husband through earphones. I could not imagine
connecting with someone in such a state, without being able to speak directly
to him/her and talking to him/her with his or her eyes shut. In a way, our
society is similar because we use cell phones.  The half-life is not able to see you but you are able to see them. By talking on cell phone, you do not see one another but you hear each other’s’ voice, which could also seem strange, when thinking about it.

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Butler’s Dawn

“She would organize the Humans into a coherent unit or she would serve as a scapegoat for whoever else organized them.”

In Dawn’s section nursery in chapter 11, Lilith is aware that her main purpose is to get the humans unite in means to work with one another under her so that the planet can reserve life once again. The Oankali want to interbreed with the humans, but they are opposed to this. If things do not go according to plan, she feels that they will group together to go against her and use her as a scapegoat. Things start getting out of hand, men are attempting to sexual assault a woman, and Lilith is extremely angered. She in unable to control her rage and breaks the arm off from Peter.  People start assuming that Lilith is not human and she states if she were not human then she would have cared less about who gets raped and have done nothing about it. Later the people see Lilith as a traitor because she mates with an Oankali.


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Neuromancer is a science fiction novel that truly comes to live as one reads it. William Gibson gives great elaborate details through showing in this novel rather than just telling, it really gives the reader an insight and an image in their head of what is occurring. I did at times have difficulty understanding parts of the texts due to the fact that the character at time use future type made up words, but that just made it all more interesting. Gibson gives very in depth visual impressions of the setting as well as the characters.  

Neuromancer presents us a view of the future with social decay being everywhere. Technology takes away the essences of us being human and adds corruption of what is true or real. Gibson shows us how technology can control a society negatively. In Neuromancer society allows technology to control themselves. Technology was being use in the novel for means of personal gains and nothing naturally positive.

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“war is peace
freedom is slavery
ignorance is strength”

This phrase or motto of the Party is introduced early in Nineteen Eight Four, giving the reader a glimpse of what they are about to embrace in this thought provoking work. Society needs war to have peace. If we did not know, what war was we would not cherish peace and long for it. We are completely free without guidance of the government ruling and are slaves because we have no big brother to guide us. Ignorance is strength because we do not want to know the truth of the inner world.  By the Party making independence, into a weak state where society cannot have personal or private thoughts or be individuals, they force them to live in propaganda along with the fear of Big Brother because their privacy is taken away with tele-screens, which watch their every move. With fear, the party is able to do as they please. At the end, Smith who rebelled against the Party by writing in an illegal purchased journal, renting a room and having a love affair with Julia is brainwashed by the Party in means to “cure him”.

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